Sunday, February 01, 2015
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Porsche Videos

If you love Porsches check out some really cool videos, brought to you by fellow member Andrew Isar.

Brumos Collection Site Officially Opens with Release of Latest Film - The Porsche transporter

Porsche 356 B T5 (BT5) Cabriolet 1961 - Test Drive - Recently we came across this beautiful Porsche 356 B T5 (BT5) Cabriolet 1961 at The Gallery in Brummen, The Netherlands. This classic car dealer is one of the largest in the world. We took the car for a little spin!

25 Things You Didn't Know About Porsche- For all the rich heritage of Porsche, there are quite a few things you probably didn’t know

PORSCHE 911 CARRERA S on Production Line- Porsche 911 Carrera S on production line inside Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory

Previously a Black Sheep, The Porsche 912 Has its Revenge - In 2012, Julien Borne’s father died suddenly. This event – in tandem with the birth of his daughter – caused Borne to pause and take stock of his own life and priorities, an episode of reflection that ultimately led him to a sad-looking 1967 Porsche 912 and a dilapidated house in the French countryside.

Porsche 918 Spyder 007- Taking delivery of Porsche 918 Spyder 007 at Zuffenhausen, Germany

Porsche 918 Spyder driven - is it better than a Bugatti Veyron? - The Porsche 918 Spyder is the ultimate combination of cutting-edge technology and conventional supercar wisdom. Steve Sutcliffe puts Porsche's Bugatti Veyron-beater to the test.

Porsche 911 Historical Commercial - Great commercial for the Porsche 996


Tribute Ferdinand Porsche : History of the 911 - Here is a special video that gives a tribute to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (grandson of Ferdinand Porsche). It was him who designed in 1963, maybe for lots of people, THE Most famous sport car EVER! : The Porsche 911. Take the time to watch this video which shows you the history of the Porsche 911 from 1963 to 2012.

Another video, brought to you by member Niel Green:

 The Hidden Workshops of Porsche Classic - See what happens at the Porsche Classic workshop just outside of Stuttgard.


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Detailing Tech Session Notes
In case you missed the PNWR's All Porsche Display in Kirkland this year, I've heard there was an awesome display of Porsches.  Congratulation to our member, Andrew Isar for placing 3rd in his his car class and picking up a trophy! The Tech Session hand out for the detailing presentation can be downloaded here for those who are interested. 

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